Sustainability is more than a recent buzzword. While we might hear it more frequently, it's a hardly new concept. What is it exactly? It's meeting the needs of the present, without compromising the future of generations to come. At Omarsa, we accomplish this by producing our shrimp through Sustainable Aquaculture.

According to the World Bank, aquaculture is projected to be the main source of seafood by 2030, as demand grows from the global middle class and wild capture fisheries approach their maximum take. But for an aquaculture system to be truly sustainable, it must have:

• Environmental Sustainability: Aquaculture should not create significant disruption to the ecosystem, or cause the loss of biodiversity or substantial pollution impact.
• Economic Sustainability: Aquaculture must be a viable business with good long-term prospects.
• Social Sustainability: Aquaculture must be socially responsible and contribute to the well-being of communities around it.

Sustainable aquaculture allows consumers to keep eating delicious seafood long into the future, while protecting the oceans and ecosystems of the planet.

The more seafood lovers know about sustainability, the better. Sustainable aquaculture will catch on for good. We need seafood eaters to support sustainability if we want to thrive in the near future. Be Sustainable, Be Shrimple!